Rise: Comics Against Bullying

Recently I had the pleasure of working with comic writer, Kristopher White, on a short story called "The Crystal Ball" for a comic anthology. Rise: Comics Against Bullying is a multi-issue anthology comic book series written and drawn by a collection of established names (such as Mark Guggenheim and Jed Dougherty) along with up and coming artists. This anthology focuses on the issue of bullying and aims to spark conversation and provide resources for at risk youth in an accessible and engaging format. Additionally all profits of the comic series go to organizations such as GLADD, Prism Comics, and Stand for the Silent.

Right now there are two volumes of the series (The story I worked on can be found in the second volume) and they can both be picked up at Northwest Comics at:  http://northwestpress.com/shop/rise-comics-against-bullying-2/.