For my Illustration class we were given the assignment to accurately illustrate a line or two from a book so I went with "The Legend of King Arthur and his Knights" by Sir James Knolwes. My exact quote (which I went with the second part of the quote) was... "At that, King Lot ran furiously at him, and smote him down, but rising straightway, and being set on horseback, he drew his sword Excalibur that he had gained by Merlin from the Lady of the Lake, which, shining brightly as the light from thirty torches, dazzled the eyes of his enemies.

This piece was done completely digital (minus the initial line work) in Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. I wanted to go with a graphic feel to this one, while rendering the main figures in the foreground to make them pop out. My love for Alphonse Mucha really seemed to come out with this piece and I really enjoy the mixture of graphic and painterly elements.